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How to defrost a Freezer fast

Turn the freezer off (unplug it).

Take out all the food. If required, unscrew the inside-back of the freezer and expose the cooling coils.

Take a Wet/Dry Vacuum (this is the key to doing it fast) and put the hose on the exhaust. (Make sure your wet/dry Vacuum doesn't blow out the contents, most don't) Use the "Car" adapter that funnels the air flow into a very powerful jet of air. The motor heats up the air only slightly, but what it lacks in heat, it makes up for, several times over in sheer volume! This one tip speeds up the process considerably. What literally can take 2 hours with a hair dryer (if it doesn't break due to prolonged use, or you electrocute yourself water & electricity don't mix), now takes 5 minutes!

Start to blow the ice from the top down, and occasionally put the hose on "intake", to suck up the water and ice as it comes loose. (Remember to take out the paper filter when sucking up liquids otherwise you will ruin your filter) This also speeds the process, as it removes ice chunks, rather than melting them all.

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